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Marxist Arabic website

  We are very proud to announce the launching of our new Arabic website at This initiative is intended to respond to the growing demand for a Marxist alternative coming from the area stretching from Saudi Arabia over Palestine and Egypt to the western corner of the Maghreb in Morocco.

  From almost every country in the Arab world we have been contacted in the last years by individuals and small groups ? often from a Stalinist, Maoist or Marxist Leninist background ? wanting to know more about Marxism and especially about the meaning of the ideas of Leon Trotsky. The growing authority of the International Marxist Tendency in this part of the world derives fundamentally from the analysis published on our website, especially our internationalist position on Israel/Palestine, but also from the consistent anti-imperialist activity of the Spanish Student Union (Sindicato de Estudiantes), led by the Marxists of El Militanteand the successes of the Pakistani comrades of The Struggle.

  In the first stages will be updated slowly. It will combine the publication of in-depth analysis of current events and questions with the classics of Marxism and especially Arabic translations of the works of Leon Trotsky. We appeal to our Arab readers to help us in spreading as widely as possible news about our website but also to help us in translating articles, making suggestions and criticisms and sending in reports about what is happening in their country.

  More importantly, wants to become a point of reference in the building of the forces of Marxism in the Arab world which understand that the only way out of the capitalist nightmare is through the Socialist Revolution.

  So if you want to join us in our fight write to:

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